**We are not taking new advocacy clients at this time. Please check with us regarding online consultations (April 2022).**

We are a special education consultant service that works with families of kids K-12 in need of assistance with the special education process. We also can provide academic testing and homeschool portfolio reviews.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between schools and families to ensure students get the education they deserve.

Melissa Wolfe and family



Our testing provides a blueprint of your child’s personal learning style, strengths and weaknesses. We develop a report based on our findings that provide you with a guide to how your child learns best.


We are here to navigate through the Special Education process with you to get your child the help they need.

Testing can be daunting. You are not alone. Schools have their experts; let me be yours. We’re in this together.


My name is Melissa Wolfe. I hold my Master’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I have been a special education case manager and a classroom teacher in the New Hampshire public school system. 

Student writing in journal

“Thank you, Melissa. My son was feeling really good after we left yesterday. He said ‘it was nice for another adult related to school to listen and understand me.’ That’s huge!”

Client, Exeter, NH

"I can not express how much Wolfe Education Advocates has done for my son and for me. A calm knowledgeable person in your corner is priceless. Extremely professional! Wonderful to work with. If you want someone who will fight for your child as hard or harder than you will Wolfe Education Advocates is for you."

Bonnie Gerard

"Melissa has a heart of gold and is always looking to help others. She can share her own personal experiences along with her professional expertise."

Jodi Casella